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Real Uniforms

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This is a community for those people who wear or who are interested in uniforms. If you are in the armed or security forces, a battle reencator, or just wear a uniform for work you are welcome here. Please note this is not a fetish site, fetish images or pornography will not be accepted and will be deleted.
There are two main angles to this community, firstly to share pictures of uniforms, be they historical pictures (from any time period, this is not just a WW2 page), you in your reenctment gear, or similar. Photos of uniforms from TV and movies are fine, eg Star Trek, Dads Army etc.
Secondly, to share photos of you in your works uniform, whatever that may be...
Furthermore, this is not the place for political disussions. Take them elsewhere please.
Images posted may be single, or multiples with the first image visible and the rest behind a cut.

If you have any questions then ask totenkopf6 for advice.
This community is co-moderated by lucifein.
Thanks and have fun.

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