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WW2 German repro stuff for sale...

I'm selling off all my WW2 German repros in order to fund my dream WW1 German uniform.

Haven't decided prices for these yet...London-based folks who are interested are welcome to come round and inspect the goods.

* Decent film-surplus M1940 (I think) feldgrau uniform tunic (with insignia from Soldier of Fortune added) for a private soldier of the LSSAH Pz. Gren. division (has SS runes on one side of collar and blank patch on the other, LSSAH cuff title, sleeve eagle, removable LSSAH cypher slides on white-piped black shoulder straps). NB: shoulder straps are reversable to white-piped feldgrau. Only problem is no belthooks, but these could be added.
* Late war enlisted man's Army collar litzen and breast eagle insignia, removed from above when I rebadged it.
* Waffen-SS 'oakleaf' pattern reversable (summer/autumn) camo smock - 2nd pattern with foliage loops and pockets (Soldier of Fortune).
* Quality feldgrau trousers (Soldier of Fortune) in correct pattern with all pockets etc., too big for me and need some buttons replacing which I will do before I sell them.
* Kriegsmarine canteen with cup and cover (genuine?)
* Pair of green canvas MP44 sturmgewehr ammo pouches with leather fittings (genuine?)
* Y-straps with one broken belt hook end.
* Early post-war Bundeswehr / Bundesgrenzschutz helmet with incorrect liner and leather chin strap.
* 1 each Army and Waffen-SS enlisted man's belt buckles.

* E-tool and brown leather carrier of completely unknown (to me) origin, appears to be designed for wearing by itself (without a bayonet). Tool is a non-folding square-headed type with ball-ended handle. Looks 50+ yrs old easily.

Edit: Also a decent mess tin (SoF again) with black leather strap.

Drop me a comment if interested.
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