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Third Reich Luftwaffe Dagger.... candlesticks??

I found these items at a yard sale and am looking for more information about them.

These are two candlesticks made out of pieces of aluminum painted black as well as the hilts of what resemble two Nazi first model Luftwaffe daggers. The swastikas on the pommel and cross guard are gold-colored and the pommel and hand guard appear to be made of aluminum. The grips differ from issued Luftwaffe daggers in that they are made of ivory colored plastic or resin and wrapped with silver bullion type wire. Overall the details are very crisp and clean.

Altogether the candlesticks are 8.5" high and are about 4.25" wide at the cross guard. The pommel is about 1.25" in diameter and somewhere around 0.5" thick.

The man holding the sale said that these candlesticks were bought by his father in the 1940s or 1950s in Germany. His father had been told that the designs on the dagger hilts were not Nazi swastikas but good luck sign swastikas and under that impression, the father presented them to his own wife as a present and they've been in the family ever since.

My best guess is that they were made after the war out of leftover inventories of unused dagger parts. I have not been able to locate anything else like them online so far so I turn to you.

I have included links to two photographs of the candlesticks so hopefully someone can help me out as to what these really are and how much they might be worth.


I greatly appreciate any help you might be able to give me and look forward to reading your responses. :)
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