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I don't mean to be cheeky as I have only just joined this community, but I am very much hoping that somebody can help me. My sincere apologies before hand if this is not appropriate.

I have been looking for a WWII British Navy lanyard and have so far come up with absolutely nothing. The militaria shop I know of doesn't stock them and I've had no luck on line. I would be willing to give making one a go if push came to shove but I have no idea of how to even start. During a swing by to Portsmouth dockyard today I found out from a rather official looking gentleman that the knot used is the crown knot but that's about all I know .. other than the cord is white. I have been to the naval section of the library but all the photos I have seen, have the lanyard pretty much obscured from view, I can just about make out the knot and the loop below.

So this leads me onto my actual point .. would anyone know either where I could purchase one or be able to point me toward directions to make one or even just a clear photograph of one. Thank you in advance.
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