Glaubenssoldat (njtankfarm) wrote in realuniforms,

Luftwaffe HBT Trousers

//UPDATED w/info & pics

I just bought a pair of Luftwaffe HBT trousers (blue)... the people who I bought it from had no idea what they were (which I think is the reason the price was so cheap) other than that they were German and I'm unsure if they're repro or originals and am trying to locate some kind of mark but can't... the pants look exactly like they should if they were WWII and the pockets look like they have been replaced, as well as with some of the buttons

- slash pockets
- single rt. pocket on the back
- button/loop for fitting

I paid a ridiculously cheap amount for this and don't care whether or not they are genuine or not, but if they were where would I find the mark and about what year would they have been in service... someone who's seen them suggested that the lack of a mark might indicate that they were tailor made for an individual, but I'm not sure

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