khaotikgirl (khaotikgirl) wrote in realuniforms,

need a good repro

hi all, i was just wondering if any of you guys know of any good sites/ sellers that do cheap but well made repro german ww2 uniforms (esp/ the black ss kind), my partner has been aching to get one to wear to various fetish clubs but we can't find any sellers that do reasonably priced full outfits. i would appreciate any links!

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The best one I've found is It's mildly pricey but great quality. Hope that helps.
aaah yeah, i remember this one, last time i checked they were sold out in the jacket department, but they seem to have restocked! thanks for reminding me of the site!
That was a good question indeed...Totenkopf_SS,you have helped me tooooo!
BTW:Loved that Nazi-Robot...
There is no such thing as a "cheap but well made repro" - you pay for what you get. Plus, most vendors are not into reproducing Allgemeine-SS uniforms because there's more of a reenacting market for Heer combat tunics and not those of the Gestapo.
Yes, for your purposes, I'd suggest getting one of those funny-looking East German black uniforms and save some money instead of rehashing the politics of a dead era via that particular uniform.
yes i know that in life you pay for what you get, but still some sellers do very similar things cheaper than others. as for the "politics" behind the uniform, wearing certain things to fetish clubs is not about politics but about fetishism and aesthetic looks that turn people on, not "rehashing" nazi ideas. and the east german uniforms are simply not as well designed and aesthetically pleasing (to me) as the ss uniforms.
good luck trying to find cheap ones... I think this is what you're looking for though
forgot to mention this one too, has alot more SS stuff on it
thanks for the links, some good stuff on there. top guy, may take a while to do your order but its top class stuff.
that's a really great link, thanks! hope things are looking up for you.
Cheers, you too. :)